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Wed, Oct 26 2022 2:26 PM
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په ننګرهار ولایت کې ۱۹۹ کورنیو سره نغدي مرستې ترسره شوې

ننګرهار- د لړم ۴مه-۱۴۰۱
د IRC موسسې د ننګرهار ولایت پېښو سره د مبارزې ریاست سره په همغږي، په یاد ولایت کې د وروستیو طبیعي پېښو له امله ۱۹۹ زیانمن شویو کورنیو ته د سرپناه د ترمیم لپاره. . .

Tue, Mar 08 2022 9:04 AM
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Media advisory

Kabul based journalists are cordially invited to attend a press conference by the State Ministry for Disaster Management, scheduled to be held at the IEMIC, this. . .

Thu, Nov 04 2021 3:10 PM
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Report on Climate Situation in Afghanistan

Climate change, from geopolitics to economics and migration, has profound effects on the lives of humans and other living things around the world.
Afghanistan produces very little (0.19%. . .

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Wed, May 25 2022 1:34 PM
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Validity time : 25 up to 26 May 2022
:Possibility of Heavy Dust and wind gust  forecasted for the following provinces
Kunduz, mazar e sharif, Faryab, Badghis, Jawzjan, Herat, Farah, . . .