History of the Authority

The National Disasters Management Authority has established based on the government framework in our dear country on 1972 match up to 1351 and 1352 years under the letter No. 2816 determination of the United Nations (UNDRO), that on this time the country was facing with drought and famine problems, and this authority done the first relief operations successfully, under the title of Help and Operation in 6 provinces of the country.

The purposes behind the creation of this authority

• fighting against natural and non-natural disasters that Afghanistan experiencing them.

Coordination and consistency for responses

·   Blueprinting and arranging the revival and construction Plans

• The preventing project plan in order to prevent and reduce the risks

·   Preparedness

After the establishment of this authority based on the necessity of the condition the law and regulation arranged to this administration  and were running about, according to this law and regulations, the National Disasters Management Authority had the coordination and relief operations responsibility that despite of coming the temporary and transitional government this authority decided that after deep rethinking  to the last regulation, change it in accordance with the new and international standard and according to the country necessity. So in order to fight against successfully and a good management, in agreement with the international community, this authority decided to a national strategy and plan.

Strategy and national plan of the disasters management

• National strategy of the disasters management has prepared by the National Disasters Management Authority with the specialists from the Asia Development Bank.

• National disasters management plan were prepared on 2003 by the National Disasters Management and Seds organization from the India country with the financial cooperation of the UNAMA office.

And this plan and strategy accepted by the Administration Reform Commission and ordered by Ministers’ Advisory Committee on 2004.

The Disasters Management Commission

In this authentic documents the creation of the National Disasters Management commission  were considered , which in the same time all members of the Cabinet are the members of this commission that are leaded by the President of the country and his assistants.

The formation of the National Disasters Management commission:

The National Commission has the executive committee which consist of the Ministries such as:  Interior, agriculture, rural development, health, national defense, economy, finance, energy and water, women's Affairs, Foreign Affairs, information and culture, telecommunications and public benefits. Executive Committee is creating by the President because of the evaluation of the risks specially disasters and providing a proposal for practical actions by the National Commission. The General Administration of the National Disasters Management has the sectary responsibility of this committee.

Members of the disasters management commission

• Ministry of transport

• Ministry of mines and industries

• Ministry of the repatriation of refugees

• Ministry of labor and Social Affairs

• Ministry of Commerce

• Ministry of water and electricity

• Ministry of women's Affairs

• The Afghan Red Crescent Society General Directorate

• General Directorate of the administration affairs

• Ministry of public works

• General Department of Kabul municipality

• General administration of the national disasters management authority

• Ministry of agriculture and livestock

• Ministry of finance

• Ministry of Interior

·   Ministry of economy( Plan)

• Ministry of environment and water

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Ministry of rehabilitation and rural development

• Ministry of higher education

• Ministry of public health

• Ministry of defense

·   Ministry of communications

• Ministry of information and culture

Tasks of the Disasters Management commission

• Strategic guidelines plan and actions regarding the reduction of the disasters

• Accepting the evaluation and identifying the amount of the costs of the completing the national preparedness and backlash plan  

• National coordination and appealing to the participation of the international community

• Announcing the emergency conditions

• Planning and arranging the policy and planning the probable disasters

• Managing the finance has been prepared in order to assist while occurring a disaster


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