Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority Website Is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The ministers of Asian countries’ conferences regarding disaster risk reduction today officially opened by deputy of Mongolia first minister on 4AM.


This conference is holding for the purpose of coordination on disaster risk reduction activities and monitoring on Sendai framework promotion and will continue up to 3 days. Totally 3000 people from the Asian countries have participation in this conference that among these number 16 people are from Afghanistan which is the biggest archon after Indonesia country in this conference.
Najib Aqa Fahim, State Minister for Disaster Management and admin archon of Afghanistan, will present speeches regarding priorities for disaster risk reduction and methods for implementing the Sendai Framework. It is mentionable that the Ministers of Asian countries conferences regarding disaster risk reduction hold every 2 years later for the purpose of Sendai Framework promotion in an Asian country that India was responsible for the hosting of this conference 2 years ago.
This year that conference is holding in Alan Bator the capital city of Mongolia under the slung of “preventing from disaster risks and saving for durable promotion” also in this conference the decision for holding the next meeting will announced.
Sendai is a framework for natural disasters risks reduction which adopted by 187 countries on 2015 with 4 priorities and 7 purposes. And adoption of this Framework in Sendai city of Japan caused that it called by the name of Sendai Framework.

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