Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority Website Is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Food and non-food materials were distributed to the 104 afflicted families in 2 provinces


Kundoz Disaster Management Department, distributed one 50kl big pocket of flour, one 50kl big pocket of rice, 6 cancers of meat to the 83 afflicted families from flood in Emam Sahib district that their houses became destroyed. This department also with the cooperation of the Safe Child organization, distributed 1 family kit to the each family.
Kunar Disaster Management Department, distributed 1 camp, 1 tarpal, 1 rug, one 50kl big pocket of flour, 5li oil, 5kl bean to the each 21 afflicted families of flood in different areas of this provinces that their houses were destroyed.
It is mentionable that because of the water flooding of Panjshir river, that delimited the people live in Sarband district of second part of Kapisa province, it maked save by disaster management department with the cooperation of public benefits agriculture administration.

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